Should I Purchase Insurance When Renting a Car?

Mark StraussAuto Insurance, Individual | Personal Insurance

Tis’ the season for renting cars. One of the biggest questions and debates I have with clients is”should I purchase insurance when renting a car?” The answer to this question depends on the coverage you have in place with your existing personal auto policy. Liability will automatically be extended from your personal auto policy, if you carry collision your policy … Read More

Oregon Recreational Cannabis Law and Home Insurance

Mark StraussHome Insurance, Individual | Personal Insurance

Beginning July 1, 2015 Oregon Recreational Cannabis Law Measure 91 takes effect and ushers in the end to cannabis prohibition in Oregon. With this the state law has usurped the Food & Drug Administration’s classification of cannabis as a “Schedule 1” status although in its wake it opens the door to complexity for individuals, businesses, state and federal authorities on … Read More

Earthquake Insurance Claims | Learn Claim Best Practices

Mark StraussBusiness | Commercial Insurance, Individual | Personal Insurance, Loss Control Ideas

Recent earthquake claim denials in Oklahoma and the 60 minutes segment about FEMA’s denial of flood insurance claims titled “The Storm After the Storm” highlights what might be that brutal aftereffect that awaits the status of earthquake insurance claims from the predicted Cascadia Subduction Zone rupture. Per the 60 Minutes report “the biggest ticket item inside a claim, for a … Read More

Loss Damage Waiver Insurance – to Purchase or Not?

Mark StraussAuto Insurance, Individual | Personal Insurance

Your auto insurance policy will pay for bodily injury and property damage for damage to the rental car and/or other physical damage you cause to other vehicles. In case of a collision you would pay your collision deductible, the insurance company would then pick up the remainder of the repair costs. Unfortunately there is no additional coverage on your personal auto policy for ‘Loss Damage’, … Read More