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Home Insurance Claim Process

If something happens that causes a loss to your home, the duties required of you as the policy owner are as follows:

  1. To begin the home insurance claim process contact our office at 503-296-0077 with the immediate notice of loss; if it’s after hours you can contact your insurance company directly but we prefer to work with you on filing your insurance claim. Take notes on any conversations including dates, names, times and subject of what was covered. The sensible way to use your insurance is to use it for big losses, the one’s you cannot afford.
  2. Notify your local police in case of loss by theft.
  3. Protect your property from any further damage; if repairs to your property are required you should make reasonable repairs to protect the property so the damage does not worsen. Don’t make permanent fixes until the insurance adjuster visits to see the extent of damage and keep an accurate record of your repair expense.
  4. Furnish a complete detailed inventory to the claims adjuster showing the damaged property and the amount of loss claimed to expedite a payment for personal property.

Click here to use software to create a personal property inventory of your belongings.

In order to file a claim on your home insurance you will need to know if your policy would provide coverage. Below are some examples of insurance claims that have been filed against home insurance policies:

 A kitchen fire causes smoke damage to the kitchen and parts of your home.

 Personal property is stolen from your vehicle.

 Due to a leak in your roof or skylight you have damage to your ceiling and floor.

 Due to a lightning strike you experience an electrical surge which damages personal property.

 A friend is over your house assisting you clean your gutters and roof, while your friend is climbing down the ladder from the roof the ladder collapses and your friend is injured.

 Someone breaks into your home and steals personal property from you.

 Wind blows down the fence in your yard.

 A pipe bursts inside your home which causes water to leak and damage your floor.

 A tree limb beaks off onto your homes roof and causes damage.

 Your washing machine overflows and causes damage to your floor.

 Your home suffers a total loss due to a fire.

 You accidentally drive into the wall in your garage.

 Your wife losses the center diamond in her engagement ring.

 Someone else loses control of their vehicle and drive into your fence.

 A windstorm blows shingles off of your roof.

 You have water leaking through your roof which causes damage.

 A custom bike is stolen from your garage.

As an insurance broker I help individuals throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest manage risk.