Oregon Individual Medical Insurance

If you’re looking for an Oregon individual medical insurance plan and do not have access to group coverage you can buy a policy for yourself and your family. The amount you pay for your Oregon health insurance policy will vary based on your age, family size, and the area in which you live.

The basics of what will be covered in an Oregon individual health insurance plan

Purchasing an individual health insurance policy requires careful shopping because costs and benefits will vary. Each health insurance plan provides a basic set of benefits. The following services are examples of what may be covered by your health insurance plan:

 Physician Services

 Office Visits

 Specialist Office Visits

 Routine Examinations

 Annual Woman’s Exam

 Hospital Services

 Inpatient Room and Board

 Outpatient or Ambulatory Service

Emergency Room



 Physician Visits

 Other Services

 Lab and X-ray

 MRI, CT, PET scans

 Urgent Care




 Prescription Drugs



 Annual benefit limit