What My Clients Say…

I was looking for the personalized service when I started working with Mark. He does a wonderful job helping meet my business demands by providing timely insurance reviews and making certain that Saraveza has the best cost in place for our risk. I highly recommend working with Mark.

Sarah Peterson

Founder, SaraVeza

Mark has been guiding us through our business insurance needs since 2005. Mark has proven to be a great and trusted resource, while clearly pointing out our risk exposures as we have grown significantly. He and his staff have always been more than competent to answer questions, issue certificates, and meet our insurance needs on a very timely basis. I do and would highly recommend him to anyone I know looking for competitive insurances rates and top notch quality of service.

Lisa Herlinger

Founder,  Ruby Jewel Treats – Ruby Jewel Scoops

We all know how difficult it can be to file an insurance claim in this day and age especially with insurance companies finding ways to not pay out on claims. Mark’s help was invaluable; without the help, care, and professionalism that Mark provided to me during my claim it would have taken me twice as long to have my claim turn out in my favor, and it potentially might not have turned out in my favor. Mark stuck with me to the end in what was a very difficult and long process.

Steve Gemmell

Business Owner,  Gemmell Construction – Earthquake Tech

Mark is professionally competent. When I came to Mark, I had no prior experience with professional liability insurance. I just knew I needed some. Mark brought his years of experience and knowledge (and patience) to the table to step me through important complexities and nuances. what I like best about Mark is that when he doesn’t know the answer he says, “I don’t know” and always follows it with, “but I’ll find out and get back to you” and that’s exactly what he does.

Maria Cahill

Principal, Green Girl Land Development Solutions

My career has spanned the past three decades in the service industry and the past two as a financial planner working with a large client base. It is to say, I know what service is and what service is not. I also know what professional should look like and the face it should take.

Mark Strauss has been my insurance agent for a while now, forgive me for not knowing exactly how long. But I have worked with a lot of agents over the years and in my line of work I know the value of working with a true professional.

Mark is by far the best agent I have ever worked with. His expertise, service and responsiveness are above and beyond my expectations. Mark is a true professional who consistently provides me with excellent service and guidance.

I would be very proud to have Mark as part of my team and I wanted you to know. But since Mark is an insurance expert, not securities, I’ll just be happy referring my clients to him instead of trying to recruit him away.

Erik Lawrence

President & Managing Partner, TenBridge Partners

Big thank you to Mark Strauss for all his help with our auto claim. Our claim adjuster originally made a decision saying the damage to our vehicle hadn’t been caused by the accident. We were able to find another mechanic who put in writing he thought the damage was caused by the accident. The adjuster was contacted again & thanks to Mark’s wonderful communication skills, the claims adjuster reconsidered information provided by the second mechanic & the claim was paid out in full.

Marsha D.

Resident, West Linn Oregon

When discussing insurance with Mark he was able to provide me detailed information that I could easily understand, a far greater service level that what I had previously experienced. After deciding to partner with Mark he was able to lower my rates and increase my coverage. It is clear to me that Mark is a person of principals and values who works hard to ensure his clients are taken care of.

Rob C.

Resident, Portland Oregon