Earthquake Insurance, Seismic Retrofit or Both?

Mark StraussBusiness | Commercial Insurance

With most insurance carriers there is no price break for earthquake insurance when a home is retrofitted to the foundation, , it only allows you to qualify to purchase earthquake insurance. Here is some advice, your money might be best used on having a seismic retrofit done to your homes in lieu of securing earthquake insurance. Why? Earthquake insurance deductibles work … Read More

Oregon Earthquake Safety & the Cascadia Megathrust

Mark StraussBusiness | Commercial Insurance

As the 2011 magnitude 9.0 Tohoku, Japan earthquake celebrated it’s four year anniversary last week the disaster continues to be a stark lesson for what the potential impact of the predicted Cascadia megathrust earthquake will leave on the Pacific Northwest. It makes one think about Oregon earthquake safety and what safety measures have been put into place. There is no … Read More

Earthquake Insurance Claims | Learn Claim Best Practices

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Recent earthquake claim denials in Oklahoma and the 60 minutes segment about FEMA’s denial of flood insurance claims titled “The Storm After the Storm” highlights what might be that brutal aftereffect that awaits the status of earthquake insurance claims from the predicted Cascadia Subduction Zone rupture. Per the 60 Minutes report “the biggest ticket item inside a claim, for a … Read More

Know the Fine Print of Your Earthquake Insurance Policy

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Do you know the fine print of your earthquake insurance policy? If your like most consumers of insurance you’ve probably never laid eyes on and read your policy. The reason for this is we assume the insurance company will take care of us at the time of a loss not just because their marketing says so but because the formula … Read More