Life Insurance Process; What Happens After You Submit an Application

After you complete an application for life insurance the next step for the life insurance company is to begin the evaluation process which is known as underwriting. The underwriting process will determine whether you are eligible for insurance and, if so, the rate you should pay for that insurance. It is possible that during the underwriting process the company will come back and provide you insurance coverage but it may not be at the same rate as the coverage you applied for.

You will be required to take a short medical exam that is done by a qualified examiner. This exam is called a Para-Medical. The exam will take approximately 30 minutes and can be scheduled at your place of work or home. During the exam you should expect the following:

  1. Provide your medical history
  2. To be weighed and measured
  3. To provide a blood and urine sample
  4. To have your blood pressure and pulse taken

What you eat and the things you do before your Paramedical exam may affect the results of the exam as well as your underwriting class.

 To obtain the best possible results from your exam, I recommend that you follow these guidelines.

Request an early morning appointment

Fast for 10 hours (regardless of what the appointment maker advises)

Get a good night’s sleep

Avoid strenuous exercise or jogging for 24 hours

Avoid alcohol for 24 hours

Avoid tobacco and caffeine products until after the exam

Drink a glass of water 1 hour before giving a urine specimen

Do what it takes to be relaxed for your exam