Oregon Workers Compensation Rules

Workers compensation insurance covers the cost of medical expenses as well as disability and vocational benefits to workers who become occupationally injured or diseased with temporary or permanent disability. It also compensates them for lost wages and provides death benefits for their dependents if they are killed in work-related accidents, including terrorist attacks.
Workers compensation coverage provides benefits to a worker when they’re injured or get sick in the course of their employment regardless of whether anyone is at fault. Employers liability coverage protects the employer for employee work-related bodily injury which is not compensable under workers compensation coverage. Workers compensation coverage is always primary for injuries arising from work. Your Commercial General Liability policy and Commercial Auto policy exclude coverage for such injuries.
The benefits provided to employees under workers compensation insurance includes:

  Medical Benefits: covers medical, surgical, hospital, nursing, ambulance services, drugs, and medical devices with no time or dollar limitation.

  Disability Income Benefits: provides up to 2/3 of a worker’s lost wages while the disability continues, whether the injury is temporary total, permanent total, and temporary partial or permanent partial.

  Death & Survivor Benefits: covers cost of burial and monthly income options for spouses and surviving children.

  Rehabilitation Benefits: covers the cost of medical rehabilitation to help the worker physically recover, and vocational assistance to enable the worker to return to work at as close to the worker’s regular employment and previous wage as possible.

Full details of filing a workers compensation claim should include how, when and where the occurrence took place; the names and addresses or any injured persons and/or witnesses, and a description and location of the event.
You can visit the Oregon Workers Compensation Division online by clicking here. Otherwise you can reach them at 800-452-0288.

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