Know the Fine Print of Your Earthquake Insurance Policy

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Do you know the fine print of your earthquake insurance policy? If your like most consumers of insurance you’ve probably never laid eyes on and read your policy. The reason for this is we assume the insurance company will take care of us at the time of a loss not just because their marketing says so but because the formula … Read More

Marijuana Product Liability Insurance

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There is no standardization with insurance coverage that are made available to protect marijuana related businesses. Included within a marijuana liability insurance policy there are 5 different limits of liability with one additional key liability insurance not included that needs to be purchased separately. The 5 limits of liability that included within a marijuana business insurance policy are: General Aggregate Limit: This limit is … Read More

Marijuana Insurance Coverage for Business Property

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Marijuana business insurance coverage for business property will protect the contents usual to business operations at your premises. The following should be considered in determination of your business property limit for your marijuana insurance coverage program: Furniture and Fixtures, including outdoor fixtures; Machinery and Equipment Stock; this would be defined as merchandise held in storage for sale, raw materials, and in-process … Read More

How Your Restaurant Liquor Liability Insurance Rate Is Determined

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Restaurants that sell, serve, or assist in the purchase or use of liquor have a rate exposure that affects how restaurant insurance rates are determined. Your restaurant liquor liability insurance rate is calculated by taking your gross liquor sales multiplying it by the insurance company’s modified base rate (Liquor Liability Exposure (liquor sales) X Modified Base Rate = Premium). Insurance … Read More

How Much Restaurant Liability Insurance Do You Need For Your Business?

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There is no set formula regarding how much business liability insurance you need for your restaurant. However, the more coverage you have, the more bulletproof your restaurant insurance program becomes. If you are running a successful business, you will probably want minimal disruption. If an incident occurs in which you may be seen as liability. Thus, the more coverage you have, the greater … Read More