Should I Purchase Insurance When Renting a Car?

Mark StraussAuto Insurance, Individual | Personal Insurance

Tis’ the season for renting cars. One of the biggest questions and debates I have with clients is”should I purchase insurance when renting a car?” The answer to this question depends on the coverage you have in place with your existing personal auto policy. Liability will automatically be extended from your personal auto policy, if you carry collision your policy … Read More

Oregon Recreational Cannabis Law and Home Insurance

Mark StraussHome Insurance, Individual | Personal Insurance

Beginning July 1, 2015 Oregon Recreational Cannabis Law Measure 91 takes effect and ushers in the end to cannabis prohibition in Oregon. With this the state law has usurped the Food & Drug Administration’s classification of cannabis as a “Schedule 1” status although in its wake it opens the door to complexity for individuals, businesses, state and federal authorities on … Read More

Earthquake Insurance, Seismic Retrofit or Both?

Mark StraussBusiness | Commercial Insurance

With most insurance carriers there is no price break for earthquake insurance when a home is retrofitted to the foundation, , it only allows you to qualify to purchase earthquake insurance. Here is some advice, your money might be best used on having a seismic retrofit done to your homes in lieu of securing earthquake insurance. Why? Earthquake insurance deductibles work … Read More